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Take a look at our wide selection of our Parachute Cords, Paracords & Parachute Ropes. The Military Paracord or Parachute Cords we carry are all 550 cords type III Military Ropes. Our wide selection of parachute cord ropes comes in 100% heavy duty nylon cord material by a certified US defense government contractor & made to Military Specifications GSA Compliant. All 550 cords we carry are 550lbs. tensile pound tested - 7 strand core, with a 5/32" diameter, & are enhanced which is better than Military Specifications. These cords are known as Paracord 550 & they offer top quality craftsmanship, detailed construction, improving every last detail. Real parachute cords offer a tensile strength of 550 pounds, so don’t be fooled by cheap parachute cord or knockoffs. The reason these ropes are called parachute cords is because they are used to used to connect the Military Parachute canopy to the rigging the parachutist wears & means our cords is very strong, very reliable, and an excellent addition to your kit. Parachute Military cord (also Paracord or 550 Cord) was a lightweight nylon cord kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. Once in the field, Military Paratroopers found this cord useful for many other tasks. It is now used as a general purpose utility cord by both military personnel and civilians. The ropes we carry are protected with a woven exterior sheath or mantle that optimizes strength, durability, and flexibility. Because individual strands of 550 paracord can be easily removed and combined into your own configurations, these Survival Cords can be put to a wide variety of survival uses. Some 550 paracord uses are: ridgelines for tarps, securing equipment, shoelaces, hanging food from bears, vehicle tie downs, sewing fabric, repairing equipment, making a fire bow, fishing line, paracord String for a bow, making a shelter, fish gill nets, fishing line, animal snares clothe lines, paracord lanyards, Braided Anchor Line, binding, twine, animal restraints, tooth floss, splints, tourniquet, paracord braiding, Parachute Rope Bracelet, Parachute Cord Bracelet & more. Always be sure to have a full length of 550 Survival Cord pin your survival kit. We offer many 550 Cord Colors & Parachute Cord Colors. You can Buy Parachute Cord from Army Universe Paracord Superstore and choose from our wide selection of paracord 550 cord colors. We get new colors, sizes and styles in all the time, so be sure to check back for new 550 paracord ropes. There is nothing better than having the convenience of getting everything you need from one place at a great price and at Army Universe you have that capability. If you're usnure where to buy 550 paracord, or looking for 550 paracord sale or cheap 550 paracord ropes this is the paracord shop where you'll find everything you're looking for. So come buy 550 paracord from Army Universe! What is 550 Paracord Rope & what can Paracords be used for? Also known as Parachute Cord, the 550 are designed to support 550 lbs. of weight. Every emergency kit must include 550 Paracord. It is a very versatile rope and has many uses. It is a durable cord made up of 7 inner strands and one outer layer strand. One inner strand is able to support 35 lbs. each. The single outer strand can support up to 300 lbs. If you split apart the cord the 7 inner strands, which are made from 2 nylon ply ropes, can be used for many things as well such as thread, floss, fishing & sewing. Paracords are great for securing heavy equipment. While it is useable to support your body, paracord does not act as a replacement for climbing rope. For security, double or triple the thickness of the cord, in order to be safe. Although our 550 paracord are not mil spec 550 paracord, they are still top quality and made in the USA. What is the most popular use of paracord ropes? What are uses for 550 paracord? The applications or paracords is limited only by ones imagination. Whether you use paracord for fishing, first aid, outdoor use or emergency use, parachute cords are for everyone. We offer paracords in a wide variety of colors since people have used them to wear such as paracord belts & bracelets. Others have made fashionable and functional grips for their knives and axes and chains to attach wallets and pieces of jewelry. Some popular uses for paracords are: Repair torn clothing, repair broken equipment, tow rope, tie down items, clothes line, shoe laces, zipper pulls, dental floss, tie things to your backpack, secure an animal, make a leash, tie up a person, trip wire, lower yourself down from a high area (be careful as paracord is not a climbing rope), make a ladder, tie a tarp or awning, if there is danger of avalanche tie yourself to your buddy so you can find each other should one of you get caught under snow, keep your stuff by tying around your wrist or ankle, drawstring, build a shelter by tying up paracord to wood or ponchos, make a hammock, make snare from inner strands, tie snow shoes, bow drill, string for bow and arrow, sling for backpack or water bottle, use it for signaling by tying to a mirror, make a bola, fishing line, fish stringer, secure your boat or raft, making a net, tie with some wood to use as a splint, tie a sling to hold your arm, sew up a wound, make a tourniquet, make a stretcher by taking two long sticks and running paracord in between. Although you should know that when you cut paracord, in order to prevent the ends from fraying, slightly melt the ends with a lighter or match. Be very careful, as the melted plastic can drip & cause a burn. Where are your paracords made? Why should I only want to purchase USA Made paracords? The paracords we sell are made in the US and are compliant with the US government regulations to be used by their military. Although they are not 100% mil-spec paracords they are still top notch quality. Make sure when you get paracord that it is only made in the USA. The paracord imports just don't live us to the standards of the US made cords, which are the real good stuff. Plus it is always better to support our country. Who can use paracords? Is it just for military personnel? Paracords have grown in popularity in the military because of its high utility in everyday life whether it is to help repair equipment or to fix clothing. This flexibility is why it has gone beyond the usage of military personal. Paracords can be used for building shelter, sleeping gear, handle grip braiding, crafts & jewelry, shoe & boot laces, pack lashing, food hanging, sewing, repair work, fishing, knot making, hunting, trapping, weaponry & fire starting. You would need to learn some easy and necessary knots to make custom pulleys, bear bags, rafts, harness, tripwire and so on. The following knots will go a long way to getting the most of your paracord: Overhand knot, Square knot, One stopper knot, Clove hitch, Trucker’s hitch, Bowline, Prusik knot, Half hitch, Fisherman’s knot & Sheet bend.