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Public Safety Vests

Our high visibility clothing also know as public safety vests, is a type of personal protective equipment that has high reflective properties or color that is easily discernible from any background. Part of the surface of the garment may have retro-reflective stripes. This way the wearer becomes much more visible in the dark for observers near a light source, such as the driver of a car with its headlights on. In general, people who wear high visibility vests are those who need to be seen during poor lighting or weather conditions, or when working in environments where there is a lot of moving machinery. Some examples include pedestrians, construct or road workers, cyclists, motorcyclists, hunter, hikers and much more. Orange colored vests are especially great for hunters, blaze orange makes the hunter obvious to humans but relies on the fact that most large game animals, such as deer, are dichromate, and perceive the orange as a dull color. Public safety vests are vests generally worn by EMS and or EMT rescue personnel. They are also worn by hunters, construction workers, bicyclist, law enforcement personnel, and many more. Public safety vests generally contain a grey reflective tape on the top and bottom of the vest for light to be reflected off of it. Public safety vests also contain an ID holder in the center of the vest so you can be easily identifiable.