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Poncho Liners

Check out all of our unique rip-stop military Poncho Liners. Poncho Liners are unique that they consist two different layers of quilted nylon which is polyester loft filled for comfort. Our poncho liners that we offer are commercial copies of the ones originated by the United States Military. Those were intended to provide warmth to soldiers in cold temperatures and were also used as a expedient sleeping bag when attached to the poncho. The material would be looped together through the ponchos eyelets and makes a great sleeping bag as well as a poncho liner protection. These poncho liners can be worn for rain protection by itself, but it is not advised, as it is really meant to be worn under a poncho to provide insulation and warmth to the wearer. The insulated material absorbs water more than it repels. These Military Rip-Stop Poncho Liners are really great and will keep you warm during the colder weather. Take a look at our wide selection of colors which includes: Black Rip-Stop Military Poncho Liner, Olive Drab Rip-Stop Military Poncho Liner, ACU Digital Camouflage Rip-Stop Military Poncho Liner, Woodland Camouflage Rip-Stop Military Poncho Liner & Woodland Digital Camouflage Rip-Stop Military Poncho Liner.