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M-65 Field Jackets

The M-65 Field Jacket also known as the M65 Jacket, is an extremely popular jacket designed for the US Military in 1965. It was used mostly by the United States during the Vietnam War and became very useful for troops with its warmth and protection from rain. It was originally issued in Army Green and now offers a wide variety of colors. We offer the Standard M65 Military Jackets, as well as the Light Weight Spring M65 Jackets & Vintage Washed Cotton M65 Field Coats. All of our jackets are in brand new condition unless otherwise stated. The M-65 jacket is normally made from a Polyester Cotton blend and offers a concealed hood, which is hidden inside the jackets back. It usually comes with a button in insulated lining for cold weather protection. This Classic M65 Field Jacket are just like the ones worn in the US Military Forces. They are extremely comfortable & offer a rugged look with protection against wind & water. Get your Military M-65 Field Jackets, m 65 vintage coats, mens m-65 jackets in a variety of solid colors and camouflage and all from ArmyUniverse.