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Coveralls are a one piece garment designed to fit loosely over the body of a worker to protect clothing worn underneath from workplace trauma and dirt. Mechanics, painters, fishermen, train engineers, and assembly line workers often wear coveralls, as do pilots, and firefighters, who wear specially designed fire resistant coveralls. A true set of coveralls covers the entire body from wrists to ankles, and sometimes comes with a hood as well. The coveralls are designed from sturdy material which can withstand the rigors of the work environment, and they are typically beige, blue, dark green, or another similar color which will not show dirt as readily. There are numerous modifications that can be made to coveralls for various work environments. Flight suits and firefighting gear are made from flame resistant materials and heavily lined so that the wearer will be protected from the high temperatures of a fire. Some coveralls are waterproofed for various work environments, while others have heavily reinforced knees to protect workers who bend and kneel a great deal over the course of the day. Construction workers and road workers may wear coveralls in bright colors to make them more visible, and most coveralls are covered in straps and pockets to attach tools of the trade too.