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Women's Jackets

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Womens military jackets are a military themed short coats usually extending to the hips and made to be worn in the outdoors. Coats typically have long sleeves and are open down the front, closing by means of buttons or zippers. A large majority of our womens military jackets are vintage jackets. A vintage military jacket is a generic term for new jackets that originated from a previous era and all our vintage jackets are brand new unless otherwise stated. The jackets are made from special material to give them a classic look not found in non-vintage jackets. Vintage jackets are meant to look more elegant-seeming and are popular because they are known for their good quality, fine material, style, and uniqueness. A blazer is a type of jacket and are often uniform garments for schools, airlines and for the work place. Our womens military jackets are great for outdoor wear, casual wear, fashion wear, winter wear, and fall wear.