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Pants & Capris

Capri Pants are a style of pants usually worn in warm weather, and they are also known as long shorts in some areas of the world. Capri pants are a trendy fashion item that can be worn in a variety of ways. Since they are versatile, women of any height or shape can take advantage of it. These pants fall at mid-calf, instead of extending down to the ankles. Vintage fatigues are a generic term for new fatigues that originated from a previous era and all of our womens vintage military fatigues are brand new unless otherwise stated. The fatigues are made from special material to give them a classic look not found in non-vintage fatigues and vintage fatigues are meant to look more elegant-seeming. Some women may avoid the three-quarter length of Capri pants because it gives the appearance of breaking the length of the leg instead of elongating it. On the other hand, a length that shows off the ankles, which are the slimmest part of the leg, combined with a straight cut may actually make one look leaner. No longer just a look associated with leisurely traveling, capri pants have found their way into everyday casual dressing, and in some occasions, at the work place or at semi-formal events. You can be comfortable yet still look business-like with these capri style pants.