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Vintage Shorts

Vintage shorts are a generic term for new shorts that originated from a previous era. The shorts are made from special material to give them a classic look not found in non-vintage shorts. Vintage shorts are meant to look more elegant-seeming. Demand and acceptance of vintage shorts has increased dramatically since the early 1990s, due in part to increased visibility, as vintage clothing was increasingly worn by celebrities. Vintage shorts are especially popular because they are known for their good quality, fine material, style, and uniqueness. Each pair of vintage infantry utility shorts is extremely durable and made of comfortable material that is cut to enhance mobility and maximize performance. Adjustable waist tabs and drawstring legs make these pants fit you perfect, snug in the waist and loose cut in the legs makes these pants the perfect selection for people who demand comfort while pursuing the combat of life. They also contain two front slash pockets, two buttons down back pockets and two large buttons down pleated bellows leg pockets. All infantry utility shorts in this category are military themed and specifically tailored to meet the needs of the wearer. Vintage infantry utility shorts are great for summer wear, horse riding, field wear, fashion wear, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and much more.