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Tank Tops

Muscle shirts is the same design as a T-shirt, but without sleeves. They were quite popular in the 1980s and were stereo typically associated with surfers and body-builders, hence the name muscle shirt who often bore the logo of their gyms on these shirts. The neckline of the muscle shirt was and still is very similar in make to the standard T-shirt. The difference was mainly in how the shirt was worn. A muscle shirt needed to be tight to feature the body's pectoral muscles, and sleeveless to feature the biceps and triceps. The style was initially mostly exclusive to men. In the early 1980s, the muscle shirt became popular for women, not so much to showcase the muscles but to accentuate feminine curves. It is not considered fashionable to wear a muscle shirt that is too loose, or to wear one when your muscles need a little work. Nevertheless, in warm weather, many turn to the muscle shirt that fits loosely merely because it is more comfortable. Some women even buy extra large mens muscle shirts and wear them as a sleeping shirt. Muscle shirts are extremely popular with body builders, summer wear, heavy metal and punk rock groupies, fashion wear, military personnel, army personnel, hunters, and much more.