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Camouflage BDU Shirts

Camouflage clothing, also known as military camouflage refers to any method used to render military forces less detectable to enemy forces. It is the application of color and materials to battledress and military equipment to conceal from visual observation. Camouflage was developed during the First World War when the concept of visual deception developed into an essential part of modern military tactics. The U.S military has run trials of many camouflage patterns and issued environment specific uniforms, notably the desert combat uniform in three color desert camouflage that was introduced in 1992, and was utilized in operations in Somalia. Military camouflage BDU shirts and pants are great for anyone who wants a functional, durable and comfortable piece of clothing for work or play. Our BDU camouflage clothing’s are unisex, which can be worn by either a man or women. Camouflage clothing is perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, walking through the woods, paintball, etc. Camouflage clothing has been used by hunters for years. The purpose for wearing camo has always been to become unnoticeable by your target. As there are many patterns of camo, it is important that the camo pattern you choose reflects the hunting you’re going to be doing and the area you’re going to be in.