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Solid Color Pants

BDU pants are worn all over the world by different Militaries & different types of people. This Military Uniform is used for many types of activities such as during combat. This is Military Wear that the Army, Air Force, Marines, & Navy all wear when in the field. This Uniform is made from polyester & cotton, but on some occasions it is made from Rip-Stop material. People wear BDU pants on camping trips, walking through woods, out fishing, & even paint balling. BDU pants are not just a pair of pants worn by Military Personnel, Law Enforcement, or Outdoor Enthusiasts. Military camouflage BDU pants are great for anyone who wants a functional, durable, comfortable pair of pants for work or play. This Military Gear is perfect for any kind of activity. These Fatigues are very comfortable because they have adjustable waist straps & they have drawstrings to close off the legs. BDU pants were made to fit men but they are Unisex so they may be worn by both a women and a man. The BDU pants are part of a set which also includes the BDU shirt. You can buy both of them & have a full BDU by then the only thing you will be missing is the combat boots which we carry in all sizes.