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Military socks are worn by marines and soldiers or can be worn by anyone looking for comfortable yet rugged socks that stand up to the rigors of harsh climates and conditions. Military socks are generally good quality heavy weight socks made with the specifications for a soldier, also known as mil-spec. Military socks will provide comfort when in military combat boots or any other shoes while also protecting the health of the feet. The government issued military socks can be worn by anyone taking part in activities rough on the foot or for extra comfort. Great for outdoor activities and could be worn around the house to keep feet warm. Wigwam has been making socks for over one hundred years, that’s a long freaking time, so it should come as no surprise that they’re pretty darn good at what they do. Wigwam socks were developed to be the best quality work socks available to anyone. The wigwam socks are offered in many styles and lengths made of different materials including merino wool, cotton, and other synthetic blends to best suit your needs. Wigwam socks are durable and will out last other socks on the market. Wigwam is the sock to be worn for comfort and is made with the best quality. Wigwam cold weather socks are truly outstanding work socks for maximum durability or cooler work environments, the wigman socks are odor guard antimicrobial treated and fully cushioned.Wigwam Socks support wool producers in this country by sourcing their wool almost exclusively from American yarn spinners who buy from American wool growers and Wigwam Socks supports domestic yarn spinners whenever possible and work with them to get the best quality natural and man made fibers and yarn for all of their products. For over 100 years, Wigwam Socks has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of their customers. Wigwam Socks has done this not just through providing them the finest quality socks, but by providing them with the assurance that their purchase of Wigwam Socks supports their reputation of honesty and integrity.