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Shorts & Accessories

Paratrooper cargo shorts are among the most comfortable that you can purchase. Vintage shorts are a generic term for new shorts that originated from a previous era, with a more elegant seeming image. All our vintage paratrooper cargo shorts are brand new unless otherwise stated. Cargo shorts include cargo pockets that are a form of a patch pocket, often with accordion folds for increased capacity closed with a flap secured by a snap, button or Velcro. Vintage paratrooper cargo shorts are great for summer wear, horse riding, field wear, fashion wear, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and much more. BDU Shorts stand for Battle Dress Uniform Shorts and are great for summer, spring fashion, casual wear, camping, hiking, paintball & all outdoor activities. They offer a cool, sporty look with military practicality & ruggedness. Our military BDU shorts are also extremely durable & come in a Polyester/Cotton Blend or Rip- Stop Blend Material that offer extreme comfort & enhanced mobility. This will help maximize performance for any activity. Our BDU Shorts also feature rugged construction throughout & plenty of storage pockets to hold all your gear: two deep quarter slash front pockets, two button-flapped rear pockets, and two button- flapped front cargo pockets. Military web belts look great for anyone whether you are going clubbing or bike riding and looks great with dress clothes, casual wear, camo pants, and is recommended for law enforcement personnel, military personnel, security officers, police officers, military uniforms & EMS/EMT personnel. Soldiers in the service prefer to wear the best military web belts just to look perfect when they are in service.