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Coveralls & Vests

A travel vest is an item of clothing generally worn on the upper part of the body and consists of a quantity of pockets to be utilized for storing travel documents such as passports and so on. The major advantage of these pockets is to give convenience allowing you to access them when needed. A vest is a garment covering the upper body, hunting and ranger vests are generally worn over a shirt or sweater but can be worn on bare skin for keeping yourself cool in extremely warm weather. Flight suit or military coveralls is a garment that covers the full body, that is light weight and can be worn in both warm or cold weather conditions. It is great to be worn by itself or with clothing underneath. Authentic Military Air Force Style Flight suits & Coveralls are usually worn while flying an aircraft like military planes or helicopters. Our air force style flight suits are used to keep the wearer warm & protected, as well as being practical with many pockets. It is extremely durable & comfortable.