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Anglehead Flashlights

The military angle-head flashlight has been around for decades, probably one of the most recognized flashlights around due to its military use and 90 degree design. Many soldiers have carried and used the light and it has been common sight being carried on the front of the load bearing suspenders of soldiers. Angle head flashlights are versatile utility flashlights that allow hands free use. The military anglehead flashlight has a belt clip on the side and D ring that unfolds from the base to make hanging easier. Rubbed O-ring seals add a coating for water resistance capability. The military anglehead flashlights that we provide come with extra bulbs just in case for emergency situations. The lens is a thin, clear piece of plastic located on the front of the flashlight. It can get very dark around you either at work or home when the electricity fails, you can use this angle-head D-cell flashlight or a mini military angle head flashlight to find your way in the dark when electricity fails. You may at a time of danger, use your flashlight as a weapon of self defense. Whether you like to take walks at night or you are taking your kids trick-or-treating, you need a flashlight to help you see the way, as well as stay safe.