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JT Eaton Bed Bug II Insecticide Killer Pump Spray

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JT Eaton Bed Bug II Insecticide Killer Pump Spray

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Product Description

JT Eaton Bed Bug II Insecticide Killer Pump Spray

  • Water Base 0.03% Deltamethrin With Residual Action Keeps Killing Up To 16 Weeks!
  • Specifically Geared For Use On The Re-Emerging Pest Problem Of Bedbugs Cimex Lectularius In Commercial & Residential Areas
  • Can Be Used For A Variety Of Bedbug Harborage Areas, Including Wall-Ceiling Joints, Baseboards, Behind & Underneath Furniture, Cushions & Furnishings, ETC.
  • Kills Bedbugs, Fleas, Ticks, Spiders & Insects Listed On The Label
  • Available In 6 OZ. Pump Spray Bottle
  • Made In USA

Preventing Bed Bug Infestations:

Bed bugs are very successful hitchhikers, moving from an infested site to furniture, bedding, baggage, boxes, and clothing. Although they typically feed on blood every five to ten days, bed bugs can be quite resilient; they are capable of surviving several months to a year without feeding.

A few simple precautions can help prevent bed bug infestation in your home:

1.    Check secondhand furniture, beds, and couches for any signs of bed bug infestation, as described above before bringing them home.

2.    Use a protective cover that encases mattresses and box springs and eliminates many hiding spots. The light color of the encasement makes bed bugs easier to see. Be sure to purchase a high quality encasement that will resist tearing and check the encasements regularly for holes.

3.    Reduce clutter in your home to reduce hiding places for bed bugs.

4.    When traveling:

a.    In hotel rooms, use luggage racks to hold your luggage when packing or unpacking rather than setting your luggage on the bed or floor.

b.    Check the mattress and headboard before sleeping.

c.    Upon returning home, unpack directly into a washing machine and inspect your luggage carefully.

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