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A hammock, jungle hammock, deluxe hammock, or a backyard hammock is a sling made of fabric, rope, or netting, suspended by two points. Used for swinging, sleeping or resting. It normally consists of one or more cloth panels, or a woven network of twine or thin rope stretched with ropes between two firm anchor points such as trees or posts. A jungle hammock can be a very practical way to sleep when you’re out on the hiking trail. Our military jungle and deluxe hammocks are made out of a strong, lightweight and durable material. They can be rolled up into a ball and fit in a bag without taking most of the space. During bad weather, ropes can be strung above the jungle hammock from which a waterproof tarp can be hung to keep you dry. Unlike a tent, an outdoor hammock cannot be flooded, since your hanging several feet off the ground. Many people consider an outdoor hammock as an only accessory for their yard, deck, or porch. Jungle hammocks induce a relaxed state of both mind and body by working from a principle called weight distribution. Deluxe hammocks and most other hammocks are beneficial for relaxing the body and the mind.