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Flasks & Botas

Flasks or military flasks are a type of small bottle generally constructed of stainless steel used to hold liquids. Flasks are also known as hip flasks because they are normally constructed to the curve of one’s hip to make it comfortable to carry in the front pocket. Flasks are a great way to carry liquid around when you know liquids might not be accessible, such as when hunting, hiking, and camping and many more. Botas are wineskins that are an ancient way to transport wine or any other liquid and are still used today in Spain. Goatskin botas are lightweight and are coated for water-proofing. Botas also come with a longer cord so you can sling them over your shoulder and keep your hands free. Whether you are going hiking, camping, to a football game or on a picnic a bota will keep the wine cool and can be passed around and shared with a group without bothering with glasses. As a gift flasks and botas are ideal for groomsmen gifts, fraternity events and bridesmaid gifts.