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Alice Packs

Military Alice Packs all The All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment, or ALICE system, was adopted as United States Army Standard A on 17 January 1973[1] to replace the M-1956 Load- Carrying Equipment [LCE] and M-1967 Modernized Load- Carrying Equipment [MLCE]. The ALICE system was constructed to withstand all weather conditions, hot weather, cold- wet and cold-dry arctic conditions. We offer both new and used, official government and GI type Alice packs and accessories. The ALICE system remains in United States Army service to date with various components of the system being used in conjunction with the myriad of load-carrying systems in use. Field Pack [medium] - The field pack is made of water repellent, treated nylon duck, webbing, spacer fabric, and metal hardware. The main compartment closes by means of a drawstring secured by a plastic cord clamp. A radio pocket is located against the back on the inside. The size of the pack may be decreased for smaller loads by means of three para-cord ties, stitched to the inside bottom of the pack, and three metal D-rings located directly below the internal radio pocket. Three pockets on the outside, with strap and buckle adjustable closures and with snap fasteners for quick access, are provided for miscellaneous items. The top flap has a pocket with a hook and pile fastener tape sealed closure. Equipment hangers are located above each outside pocket and on each side. Drainage eyelets are provided in the bottom of the main compartment and the outside pockets. An envelope pocket is located at the top, back of the pack and padded with spacer cloth, into which the field pack frame is inserted when the field pack is used on the field pack frame. Buckles and straps at each side near the bottom are used for anchoring the field pack to the field pack frame. Two rectangular wire loops located at the top back of the field pack and D rings on each side at the bottom of the field pack are used to provide shoulder strap attachment when the field pack is carried without the field pack frame. Construction and materials in the large field pack are similar to the medium field pack with the differences being: it is much larger in size; the center outside pocket is larger than the other two main outside pockets; and the addition of three small outside pockets above the larger pockets. The field pack frame is used as a mount for either the medium field pack or the large field pack. The frame, when requisitioned, comes with all straps. The frame is of aluminum construction. Alice packs are stylish backpacks that can be used by anyone for any reason, to carry books, camping gear or clothing. The Alice pack is not only a favorite of military personnel but also for campers, bicyclist, hikers, fisherman, outdoors men, and much much more.