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Military Ribbons

Military ribbons are a type of reward that denotes the achievements by military personnel. There are different types of rewards that military ribbons depict, such as good conduct ribbons, combat action ribbons, sea service ribbons, and much more. Military ribbons can be worn as decoration by any person; you don't have to be in the military to wear one of these. Military ribbons present a persons' style with patriotic fashion. The Good Conduct ribbon is awarded to any enlisted member of the United States military who completes three consecutive years of "honorable and faithful service". Such service implies that a standard enlistment was completed without any non-judicial punishments, disciplinary infractions, or court martial offenses. The marine corps good conduct ribbon was affectionately nicknamed, "The Good Cookie" by Marines. Of all the Good Conduct Medals, the Navy Good Conduct Medal is the oldest, dating back to 1869. The current Navy Good Conduct Medal dates from 1961 and is issued to every active duty sailor who completes three years of honorable and faithful service. The Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) is a personal military decoration of the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps which is awarded to those who, in any grade including and below that of a Captain in the Navy (or Colonel in the Marine Corps), have actively participated in ground or surface combat. The Combat Action Ribbon is also awarded to members of the United States Coast Guard when operating under the control of the Navy. A Sea Service Ribbon is an award of the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard and the United States Army which recognizes those service members who have performed military duty while stationed on a vessel at sea. Military Ribbons are also known as army navy air force medals, overseas combat awards, Vietnam army services appreciation gifts, government issued military badges, discounted war ribbons, replica army uniform ribbons, etc.