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Official Hats

Navy sailor hats are just what you need for your sea side party. Sailor caps are high quality fabric hats, sized to fit an adult's head. Be a handsome hand on deck with our white sailor hats. Sailor hats are the perfect sailor costume accessory for navy, nautical, or sailing theme events. Official navy sailor caps are still worn by US sailors part of the marine corps. Sailor hats is the perfect hat for all of your aquatic needs, whether you are on a boat, or at the dock. The US civil war kepi is an old style cap that was commonly worn during the Civil War years (1861-1865), the cap features a flat circular top and a visor. It was worn by both the confederate army and union army. Confederate troops wore the kepis in dark blue, various shades of grey and butternut. The kepi first appeared during the 1830s and was formal headgear for soldiers in the French armies. In 1858 the kepi was first introduced to the United States Army and was worn from the Civil War era up into the Indian Wars. There are unique properties to the kepi that can not be found in any other cap and these great replica caps look great on any pair of denim jeans or fashionistas. Caps are adjustable to several sizes. Kepis also found their way into the uniforms of numerous railway and streetcar operators in the United States. They are generally made out of wool material unless otherwise stated. Wool has the power to readily absorb and give off moisture. It can absorb moisture up to one-third of its own weight. Synthetic fibers can only absorb 2-3 percent of moisture before they begin to feel wet. Wool is harder to ignite than most synthetic and cotton fibers used in equivalent products (higher ignition temperature); it has lower rate of flame spread, low heat release, and low heat of combustion; doesn't melt or drip; forms a char which is insulating and self- extinguishes. Wool is static resistant as the retention of moisture within the fabric prevents a build up of static electricity. Woolen garments are much less likely to spark or cling to the body. Drill sergeant hats also known as campaign hats are a broad- brimmed felt or straw hat with a high crown pinched at the four corners. The origins of the hat can be traced to the 1840s when army troops posted in the west took to wearing civilian hats which were far more practical than the shakos or kepis then in vogue with most western armies.