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Jungle Hats

Military Jungle Hats are very similar to boonie hats. The only difference between jungle hats & boonie hats are the side vents that are smaller and not the standard screen side vents which are on the boonie hats. Jungle hats are known widely after being made popular by the US Marines. Jungle Hats have a soft, unconstructed appearance and a cool slouch look that means business. The advantage over a military fatigue cap is that they offer 360 degrees of shade, screened side vents for air circulation, branch loops to tuck in some camouflage & a chin strap to keep you from losing it. That is why the US Military introduced these hats during the Vietnam War. These hats protected soldiers from insects, sun & rain. Jungle hats are wide-brim hats commonly used by militaries, armies, marines, hikers, campers & anyone else. It has a unique design is similar to a bucket hat but with a stiffer brim. The crown may be vented with rivets or mesh panels. Other names for military jungle hats are called "Hat, Sun" or "Hat, Sun, Hot Weather", which is still the designation for this type of cover. They are made in various patterns, colors & camouflage styles and made in polyester & cotton rip-stop material or polyester-cotton cloth material. Our jungle hats are replica import hats and the Camouflage Military Jungle Sun Fishing Wide Brim Hats. These Military Jungle Hats are ideal for fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, paintball & everyday use.