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Jeep Caps

The military jeep cap is generally made from wool and acrylic knit material and is very similar to the toboggan cap because of its short, baseball cap-like brim which is attached to it. The Jeep Cap was originally issued to the US Army during M1941 period. The original purpose for a jeep cap was to be worn under the soldier’s metal helmets, as a form of extra padding, but they quickly grew popular and were being worn by soldiers as an accessory. As far as men’s army headwear goes, soldiers happen to like jeep caps the most because of their comfort and soft stretchy material. You don’t have to be in the army to wear Jeep Caps anymore because in this day in age the jeep style army caps are more fashionable then the traditional caps or regular beanies. The Jeep Cap was made mostly from knitted yarn, but now is more commonly made from wool and acrylic which hugs and fits the head perfectly, covers the ears & offers a snug warm head covering. The jeep cap is unique because you get the warmth and comfort of a beanie hat with the added bonus of the bill. There are two different types of Jeep Caps; Deluxe and Regular. The Deluxe version has a cuff and a bigger brim, while the Regular version has a regular sized brim and does not have a cuff. The jeep caps are also known to be called: toboggan cap, skull cap with brim, knit hat with brim, beanie hat with visor and were best known to be worn by soldiers under their helmet to provide extra padding and comfort, but are now used by civilians as a fashionable accessory.