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A combat helmet or a battle helmet is a type of personal armor designed specifically to protect the head during a fight, protective helmets are among the oldest form of personal protective equipment. A riot protection helmet is a type of helmet designed for law enforcement and military use to protect it’s wearer’s head, face and eyes from handheld melee weapons, and thrown projectiles such as bricks or rocks. The pith helmet is a lightweight cloth covered helmet made of cork or pith. The pith helmet is designed to shade the wearer’s head and face from the sun. Our cold weather helmets are insulated against extreme cold weather. Our cold weather head gear is constructed for winter sports also can be worn during any hobby of yours like hiking in the wintertime, and etc. We provide our advanced combat helmets in different styles and colors. Our combat helmets, anti-riot helmets, cold weather helmets, and pith helmets are used by law enforcement agents, military soldiers in training and combat, for personal use, and recreational sporting events. All of our enhanced combat helmets are designed to provide the wearer with the ultimate head protection in any situation that you’re in.