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Glove Liners

Glove liners are thin, supple gloves that are worn inside regular gloves. Glove liners are designed to provide an extra layer of protection against injury, to absorb perspiration and to increase the warmth of the gloves. Glove liners provide extra padding to cushion the hand and protect it from bruising. Anyone who has worn rubber gloves for protection while doing household chores knows how sweaty and uncomfortable the wearer’s hands can become in a very short time. Heavier rubber gloves for outdoor work cause the same problem, and glove liners are the best solution. Most of the glove liners are designed to be worn alone when temperatures are moderate and inside other gloves in very cold conditions. Fit is very important for effective glove liners, the liner’s fingers should be slightly longer than the wearer’s fingers. The material should not be stretched tightly across the palm or the back of the hand. However, the liner should fit snugly, so that all the skin on the wearer’s hand is in contact with it. People who suffer from cold hands all winter should consider wearing glove liners as part of their glove system. They will be warmer and more comfortable for the entire season.