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Smith & Wesson Sunglasses

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Smith & Wesson Safety Glasses are well known for their legendary design, comfort and durability. Smith & Wesson Safety Glasses come from a sporting perspective where the emphasis is on comfort, optical quality and rugged good looks. Smith & Wesson understands how a safety glass should fit the face in order to afford proper protection, stability and comfort. They utilize wraparound designs to ensure excellent peripheral protection, combined with comfortable three-point fit construction. Once you try on a pair of Smith & Wesson Safety Glasses you'll see and feel the difference. Wear them at work, the shooting range or in the field. These are sunglasses for sunny days, anti-fog sunglasses for foggy days, and safety eye-wear for sportsmen and women, work or play. Smith & Wesson safety sunglasses are perfect for sports, recreational activities, hunting, fishing, tennis, bow-hunting, target practice and many more.