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Usually when choosing a pair of glasses, there are four important steps in order for you to choose the perfect eyewear to fit your level of comfort and style. First step is providing protection for your eyes, excessive exposure to UV radiation can cause a variety of problems for your eyes such as cataracts, burns, and cancer. Second step is to choose the color of your lenses wisely, some colors enhance your contrast, which can become useful. The third step is to consider the lens material and the fourth step is to decide the style of the glasses to fit your level of fashion and style. In armyuniverse we provide different styles of eyewear, such as AO sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, sport glasses, UVEX eyewear, Smith & Wesson sunglasses and cool spy gear such as night vision goggles to zoom binoculars. Most people think night vision devices are for spies, soldiers, or law-enforcement officers, but these days, outdoor enthusiasts are using night vision as well. We provide affordable night vision goggles to many enthusiasts of night vision equipment that get involved in outdoor and back-country activities in order to put their night vision devices to use in a wider variety of ways. From bird watching to attending the opera, binoculars help people enjoy their hobbies more fully. We have a variety of sunglasses to fit your best style, from different color lenses, different color frames. For any sport enthusiast who enjoys playing a game of paintball or airsoft, we have a variety of goggles to fit your best style, from anti- fog, to protection of your eyes from the sun, wind and dust. Our goggles are made to provide the wearer full protection and comfort when playing paintball or airsoft.