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Police Uniform Shirts

Our law enforcement uniform shirts are the official shirts worn by many law enforcement, and public safety agencies in the United States and abroad. Our law enforcement uniform shirts do not include the badges, and patches that are pictured. Patches and can be glued on or sewed on for all our uniform shirts. Patches and badges can be bought separately on our website, We offer both short sleeve and long sleeve law enforcement uniform shirts. In addition to outstanding comfort, the polyester and cotton blend has great color fastness and all of our law enforcement uniform shirts come with a permanent collar. Police officers wear uniforms because it gives them a sense of identity and allows them to stand out in a crowd. Our law enforcement uniform shirts allows both the officer and the general public the protection of knowing what the uniform stands for and identifies the wearer as someone the public go to in a time of crisis. All of our police tactical shirts are perfect for police officers who mostly work at night and inclement weather, which makes our law enforcement uniform shirts practical to wear and not as hard to keep clean during your shift. The polyester and cotton blend is breathable in the summer and wind resistant in the winter.