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EMT Gear

All our EMS accessories are used by law enforcement agents, public safety, campers, hunters, and many more. Important items found in an emergency response holster set would be a dual head stethoscope, window punch with pocket clip, lifesaver seat belt cutter, bright-light penlight, deluxe EMS shears, and more. The stethoscope is often used to listen to heart sounds. It is also used to listen to intestines and blood flow in arteries and veins. Officers/EMS may also choose to carry a window-punch which is a small metal point on the end of a hammer type handle, which the officer can use to break a window either to access a car or a residence. Seat belt cutters are an essential emergency tool to have around at all times. It will cut through car seat belts and other materials quickly, easily, and safely. A penlight is a small, pen-sized flashlight, usually containing two AA batteries or AAA batteries. It can be used for emergency purposes or for recreational uses such as finding lost objects or navigating in the dark. EMS shears are available from sizes ranging from 5.5 to 7.25. Also known as trauma shears or tuff cuts, they are a type of scissors used by paramedics and other emergency medical personnel to cut clothes off injured people. Their rugged construction enables them to cut through strong materials such as car seat belts, leather, and denim, and even thin metal and other hard surfaces.