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Web Belts

Military web belts look great for anyone whether you are going clubbing or bike riding and looks great with dress clothes, casual wear, camo pants, and is recommended for law enforcement personnel, military personnel, security officers, police officers, military uniforms & EMS/EMT personnel. Soldiers in the service prefer to wear the best military web belts just to look perfect when they are in service. A good belt will ensure that your pants will not get loose while moving and will keep your shirt in its place so you will still look good. Web belts feature different varieties of buckles such as brass/gold buckles, silver buckles, open face buckles, or special buckles designs like USMC buckles. It's easy to remove the buckle and can be cut down to any waist size below 44, 54, or 64 inches to fit almost anyone. Our Military Web Belts are made from heavy duty 100% cotton canvas belts are durable, machine washable or hand-washed and last a life-time. Choose from solid color military web belts or our camouflage digital military army web belts. Mix & match any web belts with web belts buckles and military web belt tips. Be sure that you are getting the best out of your military wear and get the best web belts to match that quality and give you the performance you are looking for. Military web belts are also known as a webbed belt or skater belt. These belts distinguished by its belt buckle design and lack of holes in the cord, which is usually found in other belts where a pin is used as the fastening mechanism in the belt buckle. The design of the belt buckle is usually a hollow metal rectangular box through which the cloth cord passes through, when fastened, a pin with the length equal to the width of the cord is pushed up from a groove and stops the cloth by increasing the amount of friction needed to pull the cloth cord further through the box. This mechanism removes the need for holes in the cord, which is a common feature on many other belt designs which makes these web belts unique.