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Shirt Stays

Choose from any of our black military shirt stays - straight shirt stays, stirrup shirt stays or Y style shirt stays. All the shirt stays have elastic adjustable straps go up to 40 inches. The Shirt Stays / Shirt Garters Are The Best & Easy Way To Keep Your Shirt Tucked In Just Right While Keeping Your Socks Up Too! Great For Waiters, Military Personnel, Law Enforcement, Security or Business Men To Keep That Professional, Clean Look. Shirt stays are great from both men and women. Shirt stays are used by the military to maintain their groomed look. The new shirt garters are the easy way to keep your shirt tucked in & keep your socks up without damaging your clothes. The soft, easy to manage, clip attaches to your shirt tail on one end, and clips onto your socks on the other end. The tension created on these elasticized bands maintains your look while they stretch and contract with your movements. We offer 3 different style military shirt stays. different styles. The Black Military Straight Shirt Stays (4 Pack) comes in a set of four - two for each leg for maximum stay power. It is also available in White Military Straight Shirt Stays (4 Pack). The Black Y Style Military Uniform Shirt Stays Set comes in a set of 2 but offer the Y Style & has a double clips that attaches to the shirts tail. The Black Stirrup Style Shirt Stays Set comes in a set of 2 and is great because it offers the double clips and looks around your foot instead of attaching it to your socks. Our Military Straight Shirt Stays will assure a discreet look no matter your shirt color.