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D-Ring Belts

Once part of a standard issue uniform for the Armed Forces, the D-ring belt has found its way into mainstream civilian fashion. Unlike traditional belts, the D-ring belt does not use a hole and peg fastening system. Rather, the long end of the belt threads through the pair of rings on the opposite end such that it becomes firmly pinched into place through an ingenious leverage mechanism. D-ring belts are simple belts using the D shaped metal ring to fasten the belt. D-ring belts are also used for construction workers as utility straps to hold power cords together and by gardeners to fasten stakes to plants to keep them growing upright. Some of our D-ring belts are grommet with eyelets to hold certain types of gear. The grommets are meant to have clip on pouches and tactical holsters attached to the belt, such as a gun pouch, radio pouch, mace pouch and many more.